Moving your home or business requires strategy and careful planning. While you can put systems and contingency plans in place for certain situations, there are just some things out of your control – Mother Nature is one of them.

Moving during inclement weather isn’t an ideal situation, but when moving day has been on the books for months, there’s simply no way around it. So, you have to tackle the day head-on and move things strategically. While your moving totes from QuickTotes are more than capable of keeping essential items safe and dry, there are still some pieces of furniture that won’t be so lucky. So, here are some great tips from your favorite moving professionals to help you keep your cool and move everything, no matter what’s falling from the sky.

1. Discuss Your Plans

Whether you have friends and family helping or the entire office team, it’s important to discuss your moving plans ahead of time. A great way to keep everyone involved and informed is through email, group texts, or even a shared document with important times and information. If bad weather strikes on the day of the move, you will likely have to tweak some plans, including what’s loaded first and how you pack the moving truck(s). So, discuss this with your moving party ahead of time. If you’re using a moving company, make sure to mark important items clearly and discuss drop-off plans so that your belongings aren’t left out in the weather when you arrive at your new location.

2. Plan for the Weather

In some cases, you can take steps to make a move easier and your solutions largely depend on the season. For example, if you’re moving during the summer, make sure you plan for rain or shine. What this means is that you’ll want to have plenty of water on hand for a scorching hot day and plenty of plastic wrap and the right shoes ready for a rainy day. For autumn and spring movers, make sure you keep a light jacket handy and dress for any weather condition. Finally, if you’re moving during the winter, do everything you can to plan around snow storms and pack extra winter gloves for the helpers who fail to bring their own.

3. Pack Correctly

When it comes to packing your home or office, it shouldn’t surprise you that we strongly encourage you to rent our plastic moving totes rather than packing things in cardboard boxes. In many weather scenarios, those boxes will become soggy and less durable. So, if you pack them too heavy, you could find yourself picking up stuff that’s falling out of the bottom. But with plastic totes from QuickTotes, you have a durable, dry, and reliable packing option that won’t get soggy or fail on the bottom.

4. Cover Bulky Items

Covering bigger, bulkier items is crucial when you’re moving during lousy weather. Things like mattresses, dressers, televisions, computers, and desks are just a few of the items you might be moving. During a nice, dry sunny day, moving these from your home or office wouldn’t be a big deal. But when you’re moving with precipitation in the air, make sure you cover these bigger items with sheets, blankets, or plastic wrap. You can find plenty of cover options online or rent them from your moving truck company.

5. Keep Distances Short

When you or the moving company back the truck up to the house for loading and unloading, make sure you keep this distance as short as possible. Doing so prevents your belongings from being exposed to the elements longer than necessary. It also helps keep movers and helpers dry as they move totes and items from the location to the truck. At your destination, make sure you do the same – Park as close as you can to the entryway or where you plan on unloading your items.

Rent Your QuickTotes Today

Boxes are great, but they don’t stand a chance against Mother Nature. So, when you need a reliable moving box option, choose the plastic moving totes from QuickTotes. Rain or shine, our totes are the greener, more durable solution to home and commercial office moves. To check out our pricing guides, head on over to our website. Then, if you still have questions, make sure you give us a call at (317) 316-8973.

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels