Rental Agreement

QuickTotes Rental Agreement

  1. Equipment Rented: QuickTotes hereby rents to you (the “Renter”), and Renter hereby hires from QuickTotes, the equipment specified in the invoice order details (the “Equipment Agreement”).
  2. Rent: Renter shall pay QuickTotes rent in the amounts stated in the Checkout or Quote.
  3. Delivery: QuickTotes will delivery the rental Equipment to Renter’s doorstep, garage or curbside on the ground level. Stairs are not included. Renter or delegate over the age of 18 is required to be home to sign for delivery.
  4. Rental Terms: The rental and related charges shall commence upon the date Equipment is delivered by QuickTotes and shall terminate on the date Equipment is picked up by QuickTotes. All rental Equipment shall not be transported or leave the service areas of QuickTotes without the prior written consent of QuickTotes.
  5. Rental Extensions: Renter must contact QuickTotes by email or phone to request an extension. QuickTotes will do its best to accommodate extensions, however, may not be able to based on rental demand and scheduling. For each additional week that the equipment is rented there is an additional charge at the rate of the second week ($20-$60), plus a $10-$20 rescheduling fee (depending on the size of package), plus tax. Rental extensions are not eligible for any discounts or referral fees.
    1. Delivery of additional bins will be billed at $5 a bin with a 5 bin minimum and a delivery fee, depending on Renter’s location.
  6. Rental Cancellation: Delivery or pick-up that is missed or canceled the day of the scheduled time is subject to a 50% fee of the selected rental package that is billed to the customer’s credit card. A cancellation that is made within 24 hours prior to the day of delivery is subject to a 25% fee of the selected rental package that is billed to the customer’s credit card.
  7. Ownership: Equipment is, and shall at all times remain, the sole and exclusive property of QuickTotes.
  8. Taxes: Renter shall pay all applicable sales/rental taxes on Equipment.
  9. Warranty: QuickTotes warrants that the Equipment is in satisfactory operating condition at the time of delivery and will replace at no charge, any Equipment that fails during normal operation. QuickTotes disclaims all other warranties, implied or expressed. Renter is fully responsible for Renter’s own negligence or misuse.
  10. Alteration: No alteration to the Equipment may be made. Only labels, provided by QuickTotes to Renter, are permitted to be used on Equipment. Tape is prohibited from being used on Equipment. If Renter desires to additionally secure the Equipment zip ties may be used. Proper care and maintenance of the Equipment during its use will be the responsibility of Renter. Equipment which is returned in a condition requiring cleaning or repairs due to excessive wear and tear or mishandling will be brought back to a rentable condition at the expense of Renter.
  11. Assignment: Neither this Agreement nor equipment may be assigned, transferred, or in any way encumbered by Renter.
  12. Risk of Loss: Upon the arrival of Equipment at the Renter’s premises, the Renter will carefully inspect the equipment to determine whether it has been damaged during delivery. In the event of any such damage, the Renter will promptly inform QuickTotes and a replacement will be provided. Otherwise, Renter shall be deemed to have accepted the Equipment as being in acceptable operating condition. During the period of the Renter’s possession and control of the Equipment, all risk of loss, destruction of, or damage to the Equipment, from any cause whatsoever shall be the sole responsibility of the Renter. The cost to replace or repair damaged Equipment or the replacement for Equipment not returned will be charged to the Renter’s credit card.
  13. Operation/Damages: The Renter will use the Equipment in a safe and careful manner. The Renter shall indemnify and hold QuickTotes harmless from any liability whatsoever resulting from the Renters use of the Equipment. The weight limit for a bin is 60 lbs. and the weight limit for a dolly is 480 lbs. QuickTotes is not responsible for the result of any loss or damages caused by the Renter’s move. QuickTotes shall not be liable for any damages that exceed payment actually paid by Renter to QuickTotes. In no event will QuickTotes be liable to Renter for consequential, incidental, indirect, punitive or special damages, including commercial loss and lost profits, however, caused and regardless of legal theory or foreseeability, directly or indirectly arising in connection with this agreement.
    1. Equipment is not to be used to transport hazardous materials.
    2. Dollies are to be used for moving rental bins only. They are not intended to move furniture or appliances.
    3. Purchase, damaged or lost bin replacement cost is $40 each.
    4. Purchase, damaged or lost dolly replacement cost is $60 each.
    5. Equipment packages that are returned and require a deep cleaning due to their condition, are subject to a $3.00 per bin charge.
    6. Equipment packages that contain pet hair are subject to an addition $5.00 – $15.00 per package charge, depending on the size of the package.
  14. Payment Types: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. No checks.
  15. Payment Terms: Payment is due upon placing an order. Rental extensions will be charged automatically and is calculated based on the Equipment pick-date and time. Renter acknowledges that their credit card will be kept on file for the duration of the rental agreement. Renter acknowledges and authorizes QuickTotes to charge the amounts associated with the above-stated terms and conditions (orders, extensions, cancellation, operation, and damages).
  16. Default and Remedies: Renter shall be deemed to have breached this Agreement if the Renter:
    1. Defaults in any payments as set forth in the Renter’s invoice.
    2. Defaults in any of the terms herein this rental agreement and such default shall continue uncorrected for three (3) days after written notice thereof to Renter by QuickTotes.
    3. Renter becomes insolvent, or if a petition is filed by or against Renter under the Bankruptcy Act or any other law concerning the relief of debts. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Indiana. The parties irrevocably agree that any legal or equitable proceeding arising out of or in connection with this agreement shall be brought in the County of Marion in the State of Indiana. By executing and delivery of this agreement, each of the parties hereby irrevocably accepts and submits to the jurisdiction of said courts in person, generally and unconditionally, in connection with any such action or proceeding.
  17. Termination: In the event of any default, QuickTotes may declare the entire amount of unpaid rental payments immediately due and payable, and QuickTotes may immediately terminate this agreement. In the event of such termination, QuickTotes may enter into the premises where Equipment is located and remove the same. All costs and expenses to recover Equipment and/or rental fees, including legal fees incurred in the execution of this section, will be paid by Renter.
    1. Delivery or pick-up that is missed or canceled the day of the scheduled time is subject to a 50% fee of the selected rental package that is billed to the customer’s credit card.
    2. Order cancellation that is made within 24 hours prior to the day of delivery is subject to a 25% fee of the selected rental package that is billed to the customer’s credit card.
    3. QuickTotes reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.