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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I save money while using QuickTotes?2019-09-03T20:31:48+00:00

Absolutely! There are several ways to save money with QuickTotes. Here are a few:

  • QuickTotes are more durable than cardboard so you can pack more (up to 60lbs) without worrying about the bottom falling out. This means you’ll need less moving boxes.
  • QuickTotes are delivered to you. No more calling around to find the best cardboard box price and then wasting valuable time picking them. And let’s not forget you don’t need rolls and rolls packing tape either!
  • QuickTotes stack neatly on top of each other making it easy for the mover to wheel them in and out of your home or office. This can shave time off of your moving fee.
Why would I pay for QuickTotes when I can get used free boxes?2019-09-11T18:44:03+00:00

QuickTotes are clean, sturdy, free of bugs, dirt, pet dander, and chemicals and bacteria that you do not want to transfer to your clothes, kitchen items, or office supplies! The EPA recommends eliminating all cardboard boxes (the bugs LOVE to hide in cardboard) and replacing with plastic moving boxes.

What type of moves are offered for QuickTotes moving boxes?2023-02-03T16:46:58+00:00

QuickTotes are available for rent for home Residential and office moves within the Indianapolis, Indiana area OR within 30 miles of our home office located at 21st and Shadeland Avenue. See our service area map here: TBD

What size are your QuickTotes moving boxes?2019-09-03T20:27:29+00:00

Our bins are 27″ long x 17″ wide x 12″ high and have approximately 3.2 cubic feet of storage.

What is your cancellation policy?2019-09-03T20:32:45+00:00

Things change, we get it. Just give us a heads up. Here are the restocking fees:

  • Cancel at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled delivery – a full refund.
  • Cancel at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled delivery – a 25% fee of the selected rental package.
  • Cancel at the time of your scheduled delivery – a 50% fee of the selected rental package.
What is the maximum weight for a QuickTotes moving box and dolly?2019-09-03T20:35:28+00:00

The maximum weight for our dollies is 480 pounds and the maximum weight for a single QuickTotes moving box is 60 pounds.

What if I need more time to move with my QuickTotes?2019-09-12T21:44:51+00:00

We will make every effort to extend your time, for a fee, as long as the QuickTotes are not already scheduled to be delivered to another customer. Call us at (317) 316-8973 to check your options.

What days and hours do you pick-up?2019-09-03T20:34:27+00:00

We deliver and pick-up QuickTotes moving boxes Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm.

Is there a delivery fee?2019-09-03T20:34:08+00:00

There is no delivery fee for customers in our service area when you order one of our packages. We offer delivery and pick-up to some additional Indiana cities for a charge. Note: if delivery or pick-up requires stairs or an elevator, a delivery fee will apply.

I am outside of your delivery area. Can I still rent QuickTotes?2019-09-04T16:07:46+00:00

You can, for a delivery fee. Please call us at 317-694-7197 to provide your locations for a quote.

How much does one QuickTotes moving box hold?2023-02-03T16:41:51+00:00

For residential customers, our bins hold about 15 pairs of shoes OR 48 books OR 40 pairs of pants OR 15 pants and 40 t-shirts.
For our commercial customers, about 5 bins will pack up 1 employee

How much does an empty QuickTotes moving box weigh?2019-09-03T20:35:08+00:00

An empty QuickTotes moving box weighs about 7 pounds.

How does this QuickTotes process work?2019-09-03T20:28:14+00:00

It’s simple to rent QuickTotes:

  1. Select the rental package you need based off the size and type of move.
  2. QuickTotes will deliver your purchased package to your front door, garage, or floor-level office. Note: stairs or elevator required delivery is not included.
  3. Pack the QuickTotes with your residential or commercial belongings and use the provided dollies to move your QuickTotes moving boxes. Relocated to your new home or office and enjoy the ease of doing so with our stackable, water-resistant moving boxes.
  4. Unpack and stack the QuickTotes moving boxes.
  5. QuickTotes will pick up the moving boxes from your new home or office after 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks – whatever you selected during checkout.
How do I rent QuickTotes?2019-09-03T20:33:48+00:00

We book QuickTotes rental packages through our website. You will pay with a credit card during the secure checkout process. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover for payment.

How can I pack my fragile items in the QuickTotes?2019-09-03T20:34:49+00:00

You can purchase recycled packing paper to wrap your fragile items in. We also recommend wrapping again in linens ore clothes for extra protection. Since our QuickTotes are crush-proof, you do not run the same risk of damage as you would with a cardboard box.

Do you deliver QuickTotes upstairs?2019-09-03T20:32:07+00:00

QuickTotes will deliver upstairs or an elevator for a delivery fee of $29.99.

Do you clean the QuickTotes after each use?2023-06-23T19:19:02+00:00

Absolutely! Keeping QuickTotes moving boxes clean is a top priority. All QuickTotes are thoroughly sanitized with a non-toxic cleaner after each use.
If QuickTotes moving boxes are returned needing a deep cleaning, they are subject to a $3 per moving box charge.
If the QuickTotes moving boxes are damaged, there is a $50 replacement fee.

Can I use QuickTotes if I want to hire a moving company?2019-09-03T20:29:18+00:00

Of course, and the moving company will love you for it! They can pack and stack your QuickTotes moving boxes easily in any moving van and you don’t have to pay for inflated cardboard box prices that can smash, break open, or get wet.

Can I reschedule my delivery or pick-up date?2019-09-04T16:08:56+00:00

Please call us at 317-694-7197 to arrange a different delivery or pick-up date and/or time. We will make every effort to reschedule your QuickTotes order.

Can we answer any more questions? Call us at (317) 694-7197!

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