Moving from one home or office to another can be a challenging and overwhelming task. To make the entire process easier, you need to be as efficient as possible. One of the best ways to ensure efficiency involves using the right moving materials. Many moving companies offer cardboard boxes specifically designed for moving household belongings. At the same time, other companies provide plastic moving totes that are specifically meant to aid in the moving process. But which is better?

Today, QuickTotes will be answering the question of whether you should use cardboard boxes or plastic moving totes for your upcoming move. There are some important considerations to make when deciding on the moving materials you’ll be using, and we’re here to help! In general, there are always two factors you should consider when making this decision: the distance you’ll be moving and the environment you’re moving from and to. Let’s dive further.

Cardboard Boxes Versus Plastic Moving Totes: Pros and Cons

While cardboard moving boxes can only be used a few times before they begin to fall apart, plastic moving totes are reusable and can be used countless times. That being said, there are still some significant pros and cons to each option.

Cardboard Moving Boxes

Sold by most moving companies and storage facilities, cardboard moving boxes are by far the most widely available choice. Additionally, cardboard boxes are also usually the more affordable choice, and they tend to come in a wide range of sizes.

As a general rule, smaller cardboard boxes are best for heavier items such as books, movies, tools, etc. Larger boxes are typically best for lighter items such as blankets, linens, or pillows. If packing especially fragile items such as dishware or glassware, it’s best to seek out thicker cardboard moving boxes to avoid the box breaking and damaging the items.

The biggest cons of using cardboard moving boxes are found in durability. For example, cardboard boxes are not the best choice for especially heavy items as they may break. Additionally, they are prone to deforming under pressure, despite their strength. Finally, cardboard boxes are not weatherproof and cannot withstand weather conditions such as rain or snow.

Ripped cardboard box lid

Plastic Moving Totes

Plastic moving totes can be rented for the duration of your move. While more expensive than cardboard moving boxes, plastic moving totes are still a relatively affordable choice- especially when considering their benefits.

Plastic moving totes are stackable, allowing for easier storage when loaded onto a moving truck. Another major plus of using plastic moving totes involves convenience. Companies that provide plastic moving totes, such as QuickTotes, will deliver them directly to your home or business and pick them up once you’ve completed the moving process. This saves you the hassle of having to break down and recycle cardboard.

It should also be noted that, unlike cardboard, plastic moving totes are completely weatherproof. If moving items susceptible to water damage, such as electronics, plastic moving totes are the better choice. Additionally, plastic totes are the more eco-friendly choice as they can be used over and over again.

The biggest cons of using plastic moving totes involve the fact that they cost more and are heavier than cardboard moving boxes. While you may not notice much of a difference between the weight of a cardboard moving box and a plastic moving tote initially, there is a noticeable difference in weight once you have packed it with items. While this is important to consider when making your decision, it should be noted that extra durability and strength are the trade-offs for the container being slightly heavier.

Consider How Far You’ll Be Moving to Decide Between Cardboard Boxes and Plastic Moving Totes

As a general rule of thumb, traditional cardboard moving boxes are a safe choice when conducting a short and easy move. There are benefits to using cardboard boxes in these cases as they are relatively cheap, easy to find, and can be easily recycled after use. However, for longer moves and to offer more protection of more fragile items, plastic moving totes are by far the better choice. While plastic moving totes may cost more as an initial investment, they add an extra layer of protection which is absolutely vital when moving a long distance especially. A lot of damage can occur to household items when being moved a long distance using cardboard boxes.

Rent Your Plastic Moving Totes From QuickTotes!

Now that you know the pros and cons of both cardboard moving boxes versus plastic moving totes, you can make your decision more easily. If you happen to decide that plastic moving totes fit your needs best, you’ll need a plastic moving tote provider that can meet those needs. Trust no less than the best! QuickTotes is the most trusted provider of plastic moving totes in the Indianapolis area, and we’ll be happy to provide you with the materials you need for an easier residential or commercial move.

Check out our rental packages and choose the best fit for your budget. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help. We look forward to assisting you with your move.

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