We all know that moving can be a chaotic, crazy process! But organizing your move doesn’t have to leave you in a tailspin! There are so many ways to make it better by organizing each step along the way. We have put together our top 5 tips on how to organize your move to help you keep your sanity and peace during the process.

5 Tips to Organize Your Move

1. Create Inventory

First, we recommend creating an inventory of items that go in each room, whether you draw it out or write it out. Though it may take some time (depending on how big your new place is), this will help you SO much in the long run.

2. Keep a Binder of Important Documents

Second, create a moving binder to stay organized! (You could also use an Excel spreadsheet or Google sheets to organize everything digitally.) What goes in your moving binder or spreadsheet? Absolutely any checklist or document that is important to you in the whole moving process. For example, you could create checklists for what needs to happen or what needs to be packed six months to your move date, three months out, down to one week out, or whatever helps you. You could also keep any important legal documents such as appraisals, inspection reports, loan documents, receipts from moving services, house and furniture measurements, information about the area you’ll be moving to, and any contact info of contractors, moving services, real estate agents, lenders, etc.

3. Pack Your Overnight Essentials

Now that you’ve got some organization in place, it’s a great idea to first pack a suitcase that you can live out of for 1-2 days. This is for after you move, while everything is still hectic and your life is still in totes (or boxes)! We recommend including some healthy snacks, phone chargers, Band-Aids, toothbrushes, soap, and sanitary wipes, along with any other essential items you may need to find quickly.

4. List Priorities

Once you move in, before you actually begin the unpacking process, decide what your priorities are. Tackle it one tote (or box) at a time, from items that you need the soonest (like toilet paper, bed sheets, etc.), to items that can wait longer (like books, movies, and accessories).

5. Pack BEFORE Movers Come

Lastly, make sure you have everything packed BEFORE the movers arrive. There’s nothing worse than frustrated movers waiting around for you to finish packing so they can do their job! In fact, it’s also a great idea to even order a pizza for them or have a box of donuts ready when they arrive. You want your movers to be happy and full of energy for the big day!

QuickTotes Keeps You Organized!

Though there are many more possibilities for organizing, those are our top 5 tips on how to organize your move successfully! We hope you find them useful and that they spark even more ideas for you to organize your move in a way that works best for you!